Dr. Mack and Dr. John MacArthur sign the book they co-authored.

What others have to say
about Strengthening Ministries

Dr. John MacArthur – Pastor of Grace Community Church, President of The Master’s College and Seminary:

“When it comes to the discipline of teaching biblical counseling, there’s no one who does a more thorough job than Dr. Wayne Mack.  His teaching and training bring passion, clarity, and fresh insight to the contemporary practical issues of today.  If you’re looking for a seasoned scholar who is committed to the sufficiency of Scripture and its power to change lives, then you won’t want to miss this opportunity.  It will enrich your life.”

Dr. Richard Ganz – Professor, author, pastor and president of Ottawa Theological Hall:

“I’ve worked for several years with Dr. Mack and he is one of the finest biblical counselors in North America.”

Lance Quinn – Pastor of Little Rock Bible Church:

“I have known Wayne and Carol Mack for many years and I thank God for their godly lives and their faithful teaching ministry.  They have both encouraged my wife and me to live lives worthy of our calling and to be faithful to one another.  I can’t communicate in words the impact the Mack’s have had in helping to shape our lives and families to continue to be conformed to the image of Christ.  May their lives and ministries continue to flourish for the glory of God”?

John Street – Professor of Biblical Counseling, The Master’s College, President of NANC, pastor:

“If you are seeking straight answers from God’s authoritative Word accompanied with competence and compassion, Dr. Mack is your man.  For years, our church has benefited from both his teaching and his writing.  As a pastor, I have seen his thoroughness and faithfulness to God’s Word reap much fruit in the personal lives and families of our church.  Indeed, he has the unique gift of illustrating good theology with penetrating practicality.  If you want to grow in grace, you will love Dr. Mack.”

“In the past ten years, we have seen an explosion in Biblical Counseling among churches who want to reclaim counseling from its secular drift. Our Lord has used Dr. Wayne Mack as a critical spokesman in that movement. His books, sermons, classroom teaching and seminars have set a high standard for Biblical counselors everywhere. The name Wayne Mack is synonymous with Biblical counseling, but those of us who know him understand it is not counseling that excites him most; it is the effective ministry of the Word that changes lives, in preaching and counseling that excites him. The Church of Jesus Christ owes a great debt to visionaries like Wayne because he has driven us back to the Word to solve the serious problems of life.”

Dr. David Smith – For 28 years, Professor at the Seminario Biblico Palavra da Vida, Abijai, Brazil; presently Associate Professor of Biblical Counseling at The Master’s College:

“Through God’s wonderful, sovereign arrangement, Wayne Mack has been to me professor, boss, colleague and friend. When I began the D.Min. Program in biblical counseling, Wayne was one of my professors. He was renowned for his ‘barrage of Bible’. During my second year of studies, Wayne was my boss, as Director of Counseling at the Christian Counseling and Educational Foundation. While he probably wasn’t aware of it, he mentored me with his broad counseling experience, his pastoral heart and seemingly boundless energy. After a long hiatus (from mid-1983 to January 1999) during which I sought to apply the sufficiency of God’s Word teaching in our seminary ministry in Brazil, God once again brought us together – teaching in the Biblical Counseling department at The Master’s College. As a colleague and a friend, he has been caring and generous. And his preaching still reveals his delight and absolute confidence in God’s Word, especially when he pronounces one of his favorite phrases: ‘The Bible says…’. Wayne has been to me the embodiment of a Psalm 112:1 man: ‘Praise the Lord! How blessed is the man who fears the Lord, who greatly delights in His commandments.'”

Dr. Steven Viars – Pastor of Faith Baptist Church, Lafayette, Indiana:

“Wayne and Carol Mack are choice servants of God. Our church family especially appreciates how the Mack’s teaching is both extremely practical and explicitly biblical. It is a great joy to walk away from such teaching with answers to the issues of life and the confidence that those answers carry the authority of ‘Thus saith the Lord.'”

Dr. Richard Mayhue – Dean of The Master’s Seminary, Sun Valley, CA and Provost of The Master’s College, Santa Clarita, CA:

“You will be spiritually enriched and refreshed by the thoroughly biblical ministry of my dear friends, Dr. Wayne and his ‘Proverbs 31 wife’ Carol. Their sound doctrine and down-to-earth practicality come from a heart of love, a mind committed to the sufficiency of Scripture, and a will to glorify our Lord in all areas of life, especially marriage and family. I enthusiastically and warmly commend their lives and ministry to you.”

Dr. Frank Catanzaro – Professor of Biblical Counseling, Southeastern Baptist Seminary, former Associate Pastor, Grace Memorial Baptist Church, Slidell, LA:

“I recommend to you the teaching ministry of encouragement offered by Wayne and Carol Mack. As an Associate Pastor and Staff Counselor of a local church, I can say that their time with us was truly a blessing. They were sensitive to the needs and questions of our people and solidly biblical in their approach. They honored the Lord with their presentations and provided great support to the ministry of our church. What a blessing!”

Dr. Stuart Scott
 – Professor of Biblical Counseling at The Master’s College, author and pastor at Grace Community Church:

There are certain mentors that God places in our lives that will always be remembered.  One such mentor in my life is Wayne Mack.  He has been an example to me in his passion to know, to be like and to serve Christ.  When I think of Wayne, I think of a man who fervently desires that people know God and apply His Word to their lives.  Day after day he pours his life into others that they in turn may be able to do the same.  Those who have heard him preach know that he does so with great passion.  Wayne is a diligent, hard-working servant who is highly motivated in his ministry for the Lord Jesus.  Needless to say, he has been used by God to minister to so many, both here and around the world.  My prayer for Wayne is that the Lord will bless his and Carol’s faithful ministry as they continue their pilgrimage to the celestial city.  On behalf of so many who would like that chance to express their love and appreciation, I would like to say, “we love you and thank you Wayne.”

Dr. Rick Horne
 – Director of Guidance, Delaware County Christian School, Newtown Square, PA, Elder, Faith Community Church, Brookhaven, PA:


“My wife and I have known Wayne and Carol for most of our entire married life. Their godly marriage and family relationships are what first caught our attention when I was a young seminary student. The Lord has used their example in our marriage and family growth over the years. In addition I have had the opportunity to see God use Wayne and his encyclopedic knowledge and practical use of God’s Word as I served with him as a fellow elder and later as a member of his counseling staff. His deep and personal devotion to Christ, respect for the authority and sufficiency of Scripture, scholarship, wide ranging pastoral experience, exemplary ability to apply God’s Word, and his mature, godly partnership with his wife make any time with Wayne and Carol an occasion for rich growth.”

Sid Galloway
 – Director of Biblical Counseling and Training Center, Slidell Louisiana, pastor:

“I highly recommend the seminar ministry of Dr. Wayne Mack and his wife, Carol.  Their message is thoroughly biblical, practical and desperately needed.  While many speakers are tickling ears with “Christianity Lite”, the Mack’s offer a wonderful balance of soul piercing truths, coupled with uplifting encouragement.”

Daren Evans – Graduate of Master of Arts in Biblical Counseling from The Master’s College, former Administrative Assistant, present pastor of Westgate Baptist Church, Plantation, Florida:

“Our Lord has used you to instill in me a protective and sacrificial love for the church, a presuppositional confidence in the sufficiency of the Scriptures, a clearer understanding of the life changing power of continual repentance, the fear of the Lord and biblical hope, and a commitment to minister God’s truth with humility, wisdom, excellence, passion, practicality and persuasiveness.”

Harrison Craig – Former student in MABC program:

“Dr. Mack, you are to me a living illustration of a Puritan man. Your devotion to the Word has been a hallmark for me and a goal to shoot for. I greatly admire your memorization of Scripture and I am starting to memorize now with the hope that I may one day be as firmly rooted in the Word as you are.”

Dr. Geoffrey Drew – Medical doctor, member of Fellowship Group pastored by Dr. Mack at Grace Community Church, former MABC student at The Master’s College:

“Thank you dearest brother, thank you and thanks be to God. When I focus on eternal things with my patients it is always with your demeanor, manner and humility you have modeled for me.”

” There is a man calling to me across the chasm of space and time and I love him for showing me Jesus. His name is Wayne Mack. You have made Christianity practical, His Word, my Lord and my wife more precious to me. Thank you.”

John Feyersein
 – Former student in MABC program at The Master’s College:

“In your counseling observation class I experienced your hands-on demonstration of ministering the Word of God to hurting people. As you counseled those shown on the videos in class, you also counseled me. I had never realized how intimately the Lord speaks to me in the Scriptures until then. You not only befriended the counselees and led them into a fuller understanding of and closeness with the heavenly Father – you also did the same for me.”

“You’ve challenged me through God’s Word more than I’ve ever been challenged. I thank God for you Dr. Mack for the many ways you have exemplified Christ to me. I thank you for not only mentoring me as my professor, but also for discipling me as my friend.”

Ronald Sargent – Associate pastor of Hollis Center Baptist Church, Hollis Center, Maine, former student in MABC program at The Master’s College:

“It has been a wonderful experience for me to get to know you… I have gained a deep appreciation for you as a man God is using in a very special way.”

“If your middle name is not ” Thorough”, there is a mistake on your birth certificate. The most significant feature of your work in biblical counseling is the fact that ‘you do all things well.'”

Holly Drew – Member of fellowship group Dr. Mack pastored at Grace Community Church, former student in MABC program at The Master’s College:

“I will always remember Wayne’s preaching – proclaiming the truth of the Word from a heart that really cares for the listener. Whenever I think of an earthly relationship after which I would want to model my marriage I will think of yours. What I have seen in the relationship between Carol and you will be my constant recollection, calling on me to imitate you and follow Him.”