Jan 162014


God's Solutions to Life's Problems

First it was the republishing of Wayne Mack’s Preparing for Marriage God’s Way, and now P&R Publishing is reprinting an expanded edition of Wayne and Joshua Mack’s God’s Solutions to Life’s Problems, due for release Jan. 29. The authors have added a 15th chapter to this excellent discipleship book. It is available for advance purchase at Nouthetic Media and will ship after it arrives at the end of  next week.

In about four weeks, Wayne and Joshua’s The Fear Factor will go back into print under the new title Courage: Fighting Fear With Fear. Stay in touch for further details.

Recently we  added 40 Wayne Mack mp3 audio resources (plus some by Carol) for purchase and download at Nouthetic Media. These are workshops and seminar messages converted from compact discs and even some cassettes, including Dealing With the Resistant Counselee, which was not previously available for sale in any format. A tip if you plan to purchase to listen on a mobile device: Download the mp3 files first to a computer and then import them to your mobile device. This should avoid potential difficulties and also leaves you with a back-up copy. Click to browse Wayne’s mp3 resources.